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Quality Video Editing Services

Avid Symphony Artist DNxIQ

We use industry-standard Avid editing systems to provide high-quality video editing services to our clients. Specifically, the Avid Symphony Artist DNxIQ system we use includes BCC effects, Sapphire plugin effects, color correction, and the full Adobe Creative Suite. This tool gives us full control of how we want AV presentations to turn out, from the big picture to the little details in the visuals. 

Avid Media Composer

Most major movie releases are post produced with Avid. We use these editing systems to provide high-quality video services to our clients. Our systems also include Sapphire effects, color correction and the ability to work with Adobe Creative Suite. Some clients prefer to work with Adobe systems, so we collaborate seamlessly with them.

Pro Tools

For audio recording and editing, we use Pro Tools. This system is widely used in the production arena and works well in conjunction with Media Composer.

We also have Source Connect to be able to record or be recorded anywhere in the World.

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