Meet the Owner

Stephen Cabrero has been working in the industry since 1984 as a TV, commercial, and video producer. He has worked with the Spanish TV network Univision (channel 23 in Dallas), where he started the first Spanish TV newscast. 

Cabrero also worked in various South American countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Peru, and Argentina. Additionally, he has been heavily involved in stage productions in the US and Mexico. 

Cabrero aims to create audiovisual presentations for companies that are cost-effective and may stimulate the sales of their products or services. He also seeks to help clients widen their audience by offering voice replacements/dubbing in languages other than English. 

With his excellent reputation in the industry, Cabrero has no problem getting clients who want to work with him. Furthermore, he gets most of his business from word-of-mouth offered by clients he has worked with. 

Stephen Cabrero